Seacret From The Dead Sea Set

Christmas is coming and this is an awesome gift…for me or you or someone you know!  The set includes body lotion, nail file, 3-way nail buffer, and cuticle oil.  The lotion smells great and a little goes a long way, meaning it will last a long time.  The nail file is a heavy grit, which works great for my thick nails.  I use the buffer each week when I do my nails and it works so well. It buffs away any imperfections and discoloration and leaves your natural nails VERY shiny.  You don’t even need polish if you don’t want!  The cuticle oil is also impressive.  My cuticles are the worst part of my nail.  They get so dry from my constant hand-washing and they start to peel.  This oil is super rich and corrects the problem.  Other cuticle oils and creams I have used require constant applications, but this one is only needed once a week! 

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