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Grapefruit as a Fat Burner

I think pretty much everyone has heard of grapefruit as a fat burner by now.  There are several diets that revolve around this fruit.  I personally have one small glass every morning right when I wake up.  I love sour … Continue reading

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Holiday Pots

So, we have two very heavy concrete pots outside our front door.  They are moveable, but so heavy, we usually leave them out year round.  This holiday season, however, I was sick of them looking so bare.  After my husband … Continue reading

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Stringing Popcorn

I’ve seen it in books and movies….long beautiful strands of popcorn used to decorate Christmas trees.  I’ve always wanted to give it a go.  This year, I thought it would be a great idea since once we got the tree … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for all of you who follow my blog!  Enjoy the holiday!

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Sunflower Seed Obsession

I first started eating sunflower seeds when I quit smoking at the age of 23.  Not only were they tasty, but they kept my mouth busy.  I always have them on hand and can fill an entire cup with shells … Continue reading

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Pressure on Women

Since the beginning of time, too much emphasis has been put on a woman’s looks.  It saddens me, yet I still fall victim.  Most women do.  It is overpowering.  It is everywhere.  It is not just in regards to competing … Continue reading

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Behavior Jars

So, this is what I am doing with the boys lately: behavior jars.  Basically,  good behaviors get a coin in the jar and naughty behavior get one removed.  By the end of the week, whoever has coins left in their … Continue reading

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Calories in Alcohol

Holidays are coming!  That means more drinking!  Ever wonder how many calories you are drinking on top of all that yummy food?  Here you go!  And here come my elastic waistbands! 😉 Alcoholic Drink Size Calories Beer half Liter 184 … Continue reading

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