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Epic Fresh Prince

Not a Jaden fan.  Skip to 1:27 for the real deal.

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Hemlock Grove

I absolutely love this new series by Netflix.  It is called Hemlock Grove.  If you have a Netflix account, I highly recommend it.  Of course, you must be into the whole supernatural, werewolfy vibe!  The first season came out this … Continue reading

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Anna Kendrick: CUPS

Pitch Perfect was a great movie, if you haven’t seen it.  Here is a clip of Anna Kendrick doing her song live.  She has skills!

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Skeleton Typogram

How cool is this? I came across it online.  I used to know all the bones’ names, but this is a really neat refresher!  Side note: My current issue is with C-5/C-6. 

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Dior 24-Karat Gold Temporary Tattoo Jewelry

Dior just released this nine piece set of skin jewelry tattoos made from 24-carat gold micro-particles.  The set goes for $120 and includes cuffs, chokers, earrings, and bracelets.  It looks pretty cool on, but I would never spend the money … Continue reading

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