Heat Therapy for Muscle Strain

I have a very serious muscle strain in my upper back at the moment.  I overdid some push-ups a few weeks back and I have been living with the pain for almost two weeks now.  I have tried pain medication, muscle relaxers, oral steroids, foam rolling, yoga, and heat and cold therapy.  I am still hoping it will get better, because the next step is seeing a specialist to possibly give me a steroid injection.  The reason for this post is to give anyone with this similar issue a quick heads up on two heat therapy products I have just tried.

I tried ThermaCare HeatWraps and Tylenol Precise Pain Relieving Heat Patch.






The ThermaCare one does exactly what it says: provides 8 hours of heat.  I put it on before bed and it was still hot when I woke up in the morning.  The Tylenol one was a huge waste of money!  It came with 4 patches.  The first one did not work.  No heat at all.  I suspected it was a dud.  I gave it a second try and the “heat”  this one provided was so minimal, I was unsure if it was working or not.

If you have a muscle pull or strain or need to relax tight muscles, basically only buy the ThermaCare brand.

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