Grapefruit as a Fat Burner

k9415291I think pretty much everyone has heard of grapefruit as a fat burner by now.  There are several diets that revolve around this fruit.  I personally have one small glass every morning right when I wake up.  I love sour things and it is like a punch in my mouth to get me moving.  I even started replacing orange juice with grapefruit juice whenever I have mimosas and I really prefer it now!  There are contradicting studies that I have come across.  Some say that it is a fat burner and if you eat one piece of the fruit or have a glass of the juice before each meal, you will lose weight fast.  This is hard for me to jump on board with because fruit juice is so high in calories.  Each serving is 120 calories, so I can’t grasp the idea that adding 360 calories to your daily intake can cause weight loss. Apparently, there is no scientific proof of any “enzyme” in grapefruit that supposedly burns fat.  If there is any weight loss from any of these plans, it will mostly be water weight that will return quickly and you are set up to fail because you will get bored with the plan after not too long. 
I have never been one for any type of “diet” anyway, but I thought I’d look into it since I love grapefruit so much.  Yep, I think I will still stick to my own method. 

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  1. Danelle says:

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!

    ! Finally I have found something that helped me.


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