E.L.F. Shine Eraser

Fact:  My face gets oily.

Fact:  Make-up re-applied over make-up again and again may causes acne or other skin issues.

Here in lies the problem.  I put my make-up on and a couple hours later….shiny, shiny!! Gross.  I always just kept applying a pressed powder to control it.  This however, lead to layers of make-up and eventually cystic acne.  Nice visual, no?  I finally came across blotting sheets and my life was way better.  Seriously.  When you use these things and see the damp sheet after patting your face, you are grossed out.  It really hits home that you were actually just putting make-up ON TOP of that oil.  Blotting sheets remove the oil and shine with just gentle patting over your t-zone.  They come at various levels of pricing, but E.L.F.’s version is cheap and works like a charm.  In fact, shout out to E.L.F.:  Their line rocks.  Most items cost only a dollar or so and can rival drug store or, in some cases, department store lines.  Check them out here.


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