I believe in a healthy diet.  I do not believe in fad diets or anything extreme, because it would be impossible to stick with, so you are setting yourself up for failure.  I think if you eat well 90 % of the time, you deserve to indulge in whatever floats your boat the other 10% of the time.  That’s just me.  I look so forward to my indulgences whatever they may be at the time and I fully enjoy them.  Now, after I am done indulging, there are plenty of times I feel awful…not so much mentally, but physically.  If you eat healthy and then have something “naughty”, your body isn’t as used to it as much anymore and it will sometimes “complain”.  A great example is salt.  I NEVER use salt because it is already in EVERYTHING and I definitely get my daily limit through that.  If I eat out at a restaurant, the sodium in those delicious meals always leaves me with an unquenchable thirst for the rest of the night and I get a stomachache from drinking too much water in an attempt to fix the situation.  Sooooooo… a reminder:


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